January 1, 2000

Not surprisingly, there was no early wake-up call the Morning After, nor full breakfast at 8 am. (There was, as usual, Early Riser continental breakfast available in the lounge beginning at 6 am. I have no idea how many of our number took advantage of this at any time on the cruise. I was on vacation. I don't even get up at 6 am when I'm working.) Instead, as the ship wended its leisurely way up the Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta, we had a New Year's Brunch at 10:30 am, accompanied by Bloody Mary's, Mimosas, and Bailey's Irish Cream for our coffee, just in case we hadn't had enough revelry the night before. (Or, if you subscribe to the hair-of-the-dog theory, too much revelry.)


We arrived in Old Sacramento early that afternoon. Old Town is a six square block area on the riverfront that has been restored to its mid-1800's past. We began with a walking tour of Old Town, followed by some shopping. I zoomed in on a shop called Sacramento Cotton, where I ended up buying a two-piece fleece dress for $20. With more time and money, I'm sure I could have found lots of other things to buy there. I don't know whether to wish I was close enough to go to Sacramento more often, or be glad I'm not.


We finished our visit to Sacramento with a horse-drawn carriage ride that took us past the nearby State Capitol and other government buildings, as well as once again around Old Town.


That evening, there was another wine tasting in the lounge with Anthony of Viansa Vineyards. I must admit, by this time I'd had more than enough wine to last me until next New Year. So I Saw, Swirled, Sniffed, and Sipped each wine as I had been taught, with only teensy little splashes of wine in my glass.

And then we went down to our last dinner, on our last evening aboard.